June 20, 2019

Genome Canada funding is pretty amazing. While I am not sure exactly how much money they make available each year, I think it is safe to assume that it is a lot. They definitely received a $100.5 million commitment from government recently. If you work in the genomics...

In case you missed it, or in case you forgot, here is a list of the questions that we asked regarding the grant application review process. (Skip to the results).

Q1 - what is your career stage?

  • graduate student

  • postdoc

  • non-tenured (contract or non-tenured)


May 15, 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) conference in Victoria (Canada), where Dr. John Reynolds led a session on NSERC Discovery Grants. During this session, current and former members of the NSERC expert review...

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