Botany 332 students performing vegetation surveys at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Current courses (Course Coordinator)

  • BIO 372 – Plant Ecology. Covering plant ecology topics such as pollination biology, global change, biomes, ecosystem processes etc. Course was developed with labs covering statistical design and vegetation survey techniques.


  • BIO 121 Introduction Zoology (labs). Introduction to major animal groups, their anatomy and physiology. 

  • BIO 202 - Ecology. Introduction to broad ecological concepts and topics for both animals and plants in terrestrial and aquatic settings.

  • BIO 322 - Terrestrial Ecosystems. Upper level ecology course detailing major ecosystem processes and fluxes ranging from C/N cycles, soil microbial activity and plant ecophysiology.

Soil fractionation

Soil pH testing

Potometer tests to assess plant transpiration rates 

Mark-recapture of crickets

Intertidal species diversity at Pipers Lagoon