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About Me

Current highlights:

  • Assistant Professor in Plant Ecology/Genomics at Vancouver Island University.

  • I teach units including Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology, Terrestrial Ecosystems and Computing for Biologists.

  • I currently work and collaborate on projects ranging from genomics of eucalypts and mountain pine beetle, to speciation mechanisms in Stellaria, to dietary metagenomics in Vancouver Island Marmot. 

  • Associate Editor for Ecology and Evolution.

  • Academic Editor for the scientific journal PeerJ.

  • Adjunct at The University of New England (Australia).

  • Honorary Research Associate at the University of British Columbia (Prof. Loren Rieseberg).

Historical highlights:

  • I obtained my PhD from the University of Tasmania (Australia) in 2010 after investigating the ecology, evolutionary relationships and conservation genetics of native orchids in Australia. 

  • I was a postdoc at the University of Alberta (Canada) investigating the genomics of mountain pine beetles with Prof. Felix Sperling as part of the TRIA project.

  • I was a postdoc with Dr Rose Andrew at The University of New England (Australia) using genomic methods to understand woodland eucalypt speciation and diversification.

  • I was awarded a highly competitive 3-year The University of New England Postdoctoral Fellowship.

  • I have been employed by several government and NGO institutions. For example, I have worked at the Tasmanian Threatened Species Section, Royal Tasmanian Botanic Garden, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), and the Government of Alberta to manage projects, develop policy, and help conserve biodiversity.