I have had the immense pleasure of watching these students on their scientific journeys:

Amanda Friesen (NSERC USRA 2019)
  • Assisting with a metagenomics study of Vancouver Island Marmot diet

  • Vancouver Island University

Genevieve van der Voort Maarschalk (Undergrad research project)
  • Assessing floral visitors of Platanthera (bog orchid) and close relatives

  • Vancouver Island University

    • Recipient of the American Entomological Society Systematics, Evolution & Biodiversity BioQuip Products Undergraduate Scholarship, 2019​

    • Recipient of the Jane Watson Biology Conference Fund, 2019

Cassandra Twiname (Undergrad research project)
  • Assessing the mycorrhizal specificity of the introduced orchid Epipactis helleborine

  • Vancouver Island University

  • Co-supervision with Dr Caroline Josefsson

    • Recipient of the Milner Gardens and Woodland Undergraduate Research Award, 2019 ​

Momena Khandaker (PhD - current)
  • Assessing hybrid stability in Eucalyptus magnificata

  • The University of New England, Australia

  • Co-supervision with Dr Rose Andrew & Prof. Jeremy Bruhl

    • Recipient of Third Place Poster Award, Eucalypt Genetics Conference, 2019

Khawla Alwadani (Master of Scientific Studies - completed 2017)

  • Eucalypt chloroplast genome assembly

  • The University of New England, Australia

  • Co-supervision with Dr. Rose Andrew

Stephen AL Trevoy (MSc - completed 2018)
  • Mountain pine beetle linkage map development

  • University of Alberta, Canada

  • Co-supervision with Prof. Felix Sperling