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Meet some of my collaborators

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Dr Manu Saunders

Ecosystem services, entomology, agriculture, science communication, citizen science, insect community ecology, trapping methods, network analysis. Also, co-founder of Australian Wild Pollinator Count.

Prof. Dezene Huber

Entomology, functional genetics, biodiversity, aquatic systems, genomics, chemical ecology.

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Asst. Prof. Jill Hamilton

Phenology, functional genomics, forest genetics, quantitative genetics, environmental data, climate change, spruce, and prairie smoke.

Asst. Prof. Catherine Cullingham

Phylogeography, population genetics, landscape ecology, distribution modelling, geographic information systems, wildlife management, conservation, disease spread, and dynamics of invasive-pest outbreaks.

Assoc. Prof. Patrick James

Spatial ecology, temporal heterogeneity, ecological and evolutionary processes, forest landscape structure, spatial population dynamics, landscape connectivity, gene flow, forest fire, insect outbreaks, and forest management. 

Dr Rose Andrew (Senior Lecturer)

Landscape genetics, sunflowers, molecular ecology, speciation, hybridisation, eucalypts, feral cats, chemical ecology, adaptation, population genetics, genomics, and orchids.

Prof. Justin Borevitz

Phenotyping, landscape genomics, climate adaptation, selection, Arabadopsis, GWAS, photosynthesis, reproduction, NGS, and eucalypts.

Dr James Worth

Conservation, biodiversity, ecosystem function, habitat loss, climate change, environmental change, forest biomes, genetics, ecology, paleobotany, and species distribution modelling.

Prof. Jamieson Gorrell

Mark-recapture population size estimation, effective population size, genetic diversity, relatedness, inbreeding, parentage, adoption, pedigree reconstruction, reproductive success and fitness, population structure, population assignment, migration, isolation by distance, landscape genetics, barriers to movement, phylogeography, phylogenetics.

Prof. Felix Sperling

Evolution, insect lineages, species boundaries, arthropod biodiversity, taxonomy, DNA sequences, morphological data, phylogenetic analysis, keys and databases, plant-insect coevolution, biogeography, genomic architecture, conservation, agriculture, and forestry.

Prof. René Vaillancourt

Population and conservation genetics of plants, genomics, eucalypts, natural history, genome structures, forest trees, eucalypts, molecular tools, evolution, phylogeny, and phylogeography.

Prof. Mark Hovenden

Growth and survival of mangroves,  Australian Antarctic Division, terrestrial lichen communities, eucalypts,  changing global conditions, ecosystems, native grassland, soil communties, ecophysiology, water potential, PAM, biodiversity, TasFACE, biomass, Themeda, and phenology.

Dr Yui Osanai

Climate change, cotton production, soil microbial function, nutrient cycling, native grassland, plant-microbe interactions, nitrogen cycling, and decomposition processes.

Dr Dorothy Steane (Senior Lecturer)

Population genetics, phylogeny, evolution, adaptation, biogeography, Eucalyptus, taxonomy,  Casarinaceae, Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae), Dracophyllum (Ericaceae), Correa (Rutaceae), and Pterostylis (Orchidaceae).

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