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Plendl M*, van der Voort G*, Janes JK (2024). Temperature explains more floral trait variation in Platanthera dilatata (Orchidaceae) than altitude. Submitted to Discover Plants April 2024. **undergraduate research project**

Whiting JR, Booker TR, Rougeux C, Lind BM, Singh P, Lu M, Huang K, Whitlock MC, Aitken SN, Andrew RL, Borevitz JO, Bruhl JJ, Collins T, Fischer MC, Hodgins KA, Holliday JA, Ingvarsson PK, Janes JK, Khandaker M*, Koenig D, Kreiner JM, Kremer A, Lascoux M, Leroy T, Milesi P, Murray KD, Rellstab C, Rieseberg LH, Roux F, Stinchcombe JR, Telford IRH, Todesco M, Wang B, Weigel D, Willi Y, Wright SI, Zhou L, Yeaman S (2024). Core genes driving climate adaptation in plants. Nature: Ecology and Evolution. In review March 2024. **graduate student**


Janes JK, van der Voort G*, Huber DPW (2024). We know very little about pollination in Platanthera Rich. (Orchidaceae). Ecology and Evolution, 14: e11223 **graduate student**


Cullingham C, Stephens T, Swan K, Wilson S, Janes JK, Matchett R, Gieb R, Moehrenschlager A. (2023). Genetic analysis reveals hidden threats and new motivation for conservation translocation of black-tailed prairie dogs at the northern limit of their range. Global Ecology and Conservation. Accepted July 2023.


Barrera MA*, Janes JK, Gorrell JC (2022). Molecular phylogenetics and systematics of two enteric helminth parasites (Baylisascaris laevis and Diandrya vancouverensis) in the Vancouver Island marmot (Marmota vancouverensis). International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife. 19:301-310. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijppaw.2022.11.006  **undergraduate research project**

Janes JK, McCunn LJ (2022). Introducing interdisciplinary curricula into conservation biology: exploring changes in students' perceived pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours. Journal of Education Research and Practice. 12:254-277. DOI: 10.5590/JERAP.2022.12.1.18.


Green T, Walker CY, Leduc S, Michalchuk T, McAllister J, Roth M, Janes JK, Krogh E (2022). Spatial and temporal patterns of norovirus dispersal in an oyster growing region in the Northeast Pacific. Viruses. 14: 762, DOI: 10.3390/v14040762.

van der Voort G*, Gilmore SR, Gorrell JC, Janes JK (2022). Continuous video capture of insect visitors, and pollinia tracking, in Platanthera (Orchidaceae). PeerJ Life Sciences, 10: e13191. **undergraduate research project**

Barret KG*, Amaral G*, Elphinstone M*, McAdie ML, Davis CS, Janes JK, Carnio J, Moehrenschlager A, Gorrell JC (2021). Genetic management on the brink of extinction: sequencing microsatellites does not improve estimates of inbreeding in wild and captive Vancouver Island marmots (Marmota vancouverensis) despite no change in genetic diversity over the last three generations. Conservation Genetics, DOI: 10.1007/s10592-022-01429-7. **undergraduate research project**

Keeling CI, Campbell EO, Batista PD, Shegelski V, Trevoy SAL, Huber DPW, Janes JK, Sperling FAH (2022). Chromosome-level genome assembly reveals genomic architecture of northern range expansion in mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Molecular Ecology Resources, 22:1149-1167.


van der Voort G*, Saunders ME, Janes JK (2021). Pan trapping in habitats supporting Platanthera (Orchidaceae) shows little difference in insect family-level diversity. The Canadian Entomologist. DOI:10.4039/tce.2021.17.    **undergraduate research project**

Featured in The Canadian Entomologist 'Strength in Diversity' special issue.


Saunders ME, Janes JK, O'Hanlon J (2020). Semantics of the insect decline narrative: recommendations for communicating insect conservation to peer and public audiences. Insect Conservation and Diversity. DOI:10.1111/icad.12406.

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Alwadani K*, Janes JK, Andrew RL (2019). Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark Eucalyptus: Structure and phylogeny. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 126: 76-86. **graduate student project**

Wittische J, Janes JK, James PMA (2019). Using machine learning to model landscape genetic connectivity of the mountain pine beetle in western Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. DOI: 10.1139/cjfr-2018-0417.




Trevoy SAL*, Janes JK, Muirhead K, Sperling FAH (2018). Repurposing population genetic data to discern genomic architecture: A case study of linkage cohort detection in mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). Ecology and Evolution, DOI: 10.1002/ece3.4803. **graduate student project**



Cullingham CI*, Janes JK*, Hamelin R, James PMA, Murray BW, Sperling FAH (2018). The contribution of genetics and genomics to understanding the ecology of the mountain pine beetle system. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. DOI: 10.1139/cjfr-2018-0303.  **indicates co-first authorship** 

**Featured as Editor's Choice article**

Janes JK, Worth JRP, Batista PD, Sperling FAH (2018). Ancestry and divergence patterns in a forest pest using low-density SNPs. Insect Systematics and Diversity, 2: 1-9.

Worth JRP, Sakaguchi S, Crisp MC, Janes JK, Bowman DMJS (2018). Pleistocene divergence of two disjunct conifers in the eastern Australian temperate zone. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 125: 459–474.

Trevoy SAL* *, Janes JK*, Sperling FAH (2018). Where did mountain pine beetle populations in Jasper National Park come from? Tracking beetles with genetics. The Forestry Chronicle, 94: 20-24 . **graduate student project; co-first author**.

Featured in CBC Edmonton, Edmonton Journal (local), Edmonton Journal (national) and Phys-org.

Catherall EE*, Janes JK, Josefsson CA, Gorrell JC (2018). Spatial and temporal assessments of genetic structure in an endangered Garry oak ecosystem on Vancouver Island. Botany. DOI: 10.1139/cjb-2017-0130. **undergraduate student project**


Janes JK, Hamilton JA (2017). Mixing it up: the role of hybridization in forest management and conservation under climate change. Forests, 8: 1-16. **Invited review in a special edition**

Janes JK, Miller JM, Dupuis JR, Malenfant RM, Gorrell JC, Cullingham CI, Andrew RL (2017). The K=2 conundrum. Molecular Ecology, 26: 3594-3602. **Featured as Editor's Choice article**

Hache S, Bayne E, Villard M, Proctor H, Davis C, Stralberg D, Janes JK, Hallworth M, Foster K, Chidambara-vasi E, Grossi A, Gorrell JC, Krikun R (2017). Phylogeography of a migratory songbird across its Canadian breeding range: implications for conservation units. Ecology and Evolution, 7: 6078-6088.


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James PMA, Janes JK, Roe AD, Cooke BJ (2016). Modelling landscape-level variation in sex-ratio skew in the mountain pine beetle (Coleoptera: Curcilionidae). Environmental Entomology45: 790-801.

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Janes JK, Roe AD, Rice AV, Gorrell JC, Coltman DW, Langor DW, Sperling FAH (2016). Polygamy and an absence of fine-scale structure in Dendroctonus ponderosae (Hopk.)(Coleoptera: Curcilionidae) confirmed using molecular markers. Heredity, 116: 68-74.  **Listen to the official Heredity podcast**


Osanai Y, Janes JK, Newton PCD, Hovenden MJ (2015). Warming and elevated CO2 combine to increase microbial mineralisation of soil organic matter. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 85: 110-118.


Janes JK, Li Y, Keeling CI, Yuen MMS, Boone CK, Cooke JEK, Bohlmann J, Huber DPW, Murray BW, Coltman DW, Sperling FAH (2014). How the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) breached the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31: 1803-1815. 

**Featured in ScienceDaily, Northwest Coast Energy News, and Molecular Biology and Evolution**

Worth JRP, Yokogawa M, Perez-Figueroa A, Tsummura Y, Tomaru N, Janes JK, Isagi Y (2014). Conflict in outcomes for conservation based on population genetic diversity and genetic divergence approaches: a case study in the Japanese relictual conifer Sciadopitys verticillata (Sciadopityaceae). Conservation Genetics, 15: 1243-1257.


Keeling CI, Yuen M, Liao NY, Docking TR, Chan SK, Taylor GA, Palmquist DL, Jackman SD, Nguyen A, Li M, Henderson H, Janes JK, Zhao Y, Pandoh P, Moore R, Sperling FAH, Huber DPW, Birol I, Jones SJM, Bohlmann J (2013). Draft genome of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins, a major forest pest. Genome Biology, 14: R27. **Featured in ScienceDaily, CBC News British Columbia, and National Geographic**


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Janes JK (2010). Subtribe Pterostylidinae: A multidisciplinary approach to resolving taxonomic confusion. PhD Thesis, School of Plant Science, University of Tasmania.


Hovenden MJ, Newton PCD, Wills KE, Janes JK, Williams AL, Vander Schoor JK, Nolan MJ (2008). Influence of warming on soil water potential controls seedling mortality in perennial but not annual species in a temperate grassland. New Phytologist, 180: 143-152

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Swallowtail butterfly visiting a white bog orchid


Clearwing hummingbird moth pollinating a white bog orchid


Raspberry Pi camera trap


Syrphiadea - hoverfly


Eucalyptus magnificata

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12.13.00

Chloroplast map

Callitris rhomboidea (image from Wikipedia)

Eucalyptus caleyi forest

Oven bird

Oven bird

Feral cat genetics
Mountain pine beetle
Mountain pine beetle attacked forest
Rare Japanese pine tree
TasFACE climate change ring, photographed by Jasmine Janes

FACE + IR heat ring at TasFACE

Measuring gas head space for mineralization under climate change

Jar of soil for microbial respiration analyses

Pterostylis grandiflorum

Pterostylis grandis

Pterostylis wapstrarum, photographed by Jasmine Janes

Pterostylis wapstreorum

TasFACE seedling recruitment and survivorship study

Acaena novae-zealandiae at TasFACE

Calaenia angustata, photographed by Jasmine Janes

Caladenia gracilis

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