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  • Jasmine Janes

The Lonesome Postdoc – blog series

Most days I feel a little like Lonesome George. You know, the tortoise that had no mate or friends. (My friend working on Galapagos tortoises can tell me if this isn’t entirely true). He was alone, but he didn’t seem to mind too much, he just kept plodding along. In that sense, I feel a little bit like him – minus the pity that most humans felt for him.

Lonesome George

This series of blog posts recounts my transient postdoc experience over the past several years. It’s not meant to elicit empathy, or sympathy for that matter; it’s purely to share my experience with others facing the same decisions. Perhaps it will help people determine their own path, perhaps it will give some of you a laugh, or perhaps it is just helping me maintain my sanity in my own little world. Either way, I hope you enjoy the read of my journey.


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